The salt extraction process starts with exploration, where drillholes helps to determine the future location and direction of mining operations in accordance with commercial needs. Blasting is then conducted, permitting the extraction of the raw product.

K+S Chile has modern, state of the art milling and grinding operations with the capacityof processing a large volume of extracted product.

The process continues with sifting, which separates the salt according to grain size that are required for all the different salt formats.

Subsequently, the salt is transported from the mine to the stockyards at the Port of Patillos, where a team of highly qualified professionals manages strict quality control, inspection and testing of the product. This quality control is supported by one of the most modern laboratories in Chile complete with latest generation equipment.

Finally, the salt is transported to the shipyards, where it is loaded onto the many ships that take it to its final destination.
In order to comply shipping and logistics needs, our company has two port facilities that allow for the safe, fast shipping of our products to our customers. These facilities are located in Caleta Patillos, are 21 meters deep and accept bulk carriers of up to 100,000 GRT with a loading rate of 25,000 tons per day at each facility.
Cargo loading via containers is managed from the Ports of Iquique, San Antonio and / or Valparaiso.