For Your Business - Aquaculture

The aquaculture industry has experienced strong growth in Chile. The fruit of this labor is increased sophistication in production processes, which are being used to open up new international markets in addition to domestic ones. The salmon, trout, and mussel farming industries represent an important niche for a variety of salt types and applications.

K+S Chile leads the way in development of the aquaculture industry and is committed to providing a salt supply of the highest purity to achieve the highest quality production processes to ensure compliance with the strictest safety and quality standards of the international market.

  • OPEN FLOW AND RECIRCULATION FISH FARMING: Salt assists in the prevention and treatment of Saprolegnia and Flavobacterium.

  • HARVESTING: Salt is used in ice production for the transport of the harvest to the processing plant, helping to maintain low temperatures, thus allowing for safe transport.

  • COLD SMOKING: Salmon fillets are dried with salt and subsequently exposed to smoke in the cold smoking process.

  • SALMON PROCESSING PLANT: Salt is used in one of the most important processes – salt injection and immersion— using salt of high purity standards.

  • MUSSEL FARMING: Salt plays a role in the flotation process and in the processes of preserving and canning seafood.