For Your Business - Brine

Since 2008, Brine Solutions is available as an alternative to help simplify and streamline salt management for customerswho require dissolved salt in their production processes. In addition to handling logistics and maintenance, K+S Chile delivers and installs dissolver equipment and sodium chloride. The customer provides the necessary water. The dissolver has an approximate production capacity of 50 liters per minute; the achieved brine concentration is 312 grams of salt per liter.

Currently, a large percentage of Brine Solution brine dissolver stations are in use in freshwater salmon farming operations. Additionally, brine is used for water softening, de-icing roads and for use in the salting of cheese in the dairy industry.

Brine is developed from the mixture of Industrial SPL ® sodium chloride with water from the plant or operations center in which the equipment is installed. The solution is stored and maintained in special brine ponds, which are guaranteed and overseen by K+S Chile, thus reducing operating costs in addition to providing a number of benefits to production itself.

Installation Requirements

  • Freshwater availability at 150 liters per minute
  • Connection to single-phase electrical power (220 V / 5 KW)


  • Ease and independence in salt application.
  • Total control over salt dosing with a liter counter.
  • K+S Chile processes are ISO 9001 certified.
  • Elimination of internal logistics of salt versus replacement pipes.


  • Product with simple, autonomous application
  • Time saved during treatment application and internal salt transport logistics.
  • Controlled dosing.
  • Specialized technical team.
  • Treatment using a certified, natural product with the plant’s water source.
  • Our logistics operations ensure a quick, flexible response and provisioning throughout Chile from our five distribution centers located throughout the country.
  •  K+S Chile is responsible for the regular provisioning of the dissolver equipment, maintaining stock according to the customer’s needs.
  • We ensure the repair and operational maintenance of equipment to prevent possible failures without interrupting supply.
  • Our sales executives provide support, assistance and help implement improvements by providing appropriate technical support.
  • K+S Chile manages the disposal of used bags by using certified waste disposal companies.


  • Fjords, Melipeuco 1, Region IX
  • Fjords Melipeuco 2, Region IX
  • Multiexport, Puerto Fonck, Region X
  • Multiexport, Molco, Region IX
  • Manantiales, Nilahue, Region X
  • Las Quemas Hatchery, Region VI
  • CCU, Recoleta, RM

> Technical Study, Universidad Austral de Chile