For Your Business - Mining and Roadways

K+S supplies the mining and roadways industries with a variety of technological and industrial solutions. Depending on the project size and soil stabilization protocols developed by the DICTUC, technical support is provided by the Engineering School of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.


ROAD SALT ® is a natural soil stabilizer and dust control agent for unpaved primary and secondary roads.

Composed of a blend of 98% sodium chloride (NaCl) and 2% silts and clays, ROAD SALT ® , when combined with a mix of local materials, supports the construction of safe roadways, improving strength and soil particle cohesion.

ROAD SALT ® is an alternative soil stabilizer, available at a very low cost with simple maintenance and easy repair over time.

Available packaging: Industrial bags of 20 and 50 kilograms.


Soil Stabilizer Treatment (SST ®)

  • Low cost construction and maintenance of roadways.
  • 100% natural stabilizer
  • Reduces airborne dust between 50% and 70%.
  • Creates a healthier environment.
  • Improves speed and visibility, thus helping to prevent accidents.
  • Optimal results for roads that experience heavy machinery traffic (Mining / Forestry).
  • Supports longer lifespan of trucks, equipment, engines and heavy machinery.

Powder Suppressor Treatment (PST ®)

  • TSP ® can be applied in both liquid and solid form
  • Better visibility on roads and the prevention of roadway accidents.
  • Improved health care for people living near roadways.
  • Less airborne dust.
  • On roadways in rural locations and on agricultural land, reduces pollution and improves quality of arable land.
  • 100% natural, leaving no toxic residue behind.

The Leaching Process

The copper mining industry is one of the most important in our country. For this reason, K+S Chile, through research and investigation carried out by its commercial team, has come to a detailed understanding of the usage of sodium chloride in the leaching process and the benefits that this yet to be exploited technology has for copper mining.

It is important to highlight that these benefits can also be applied with other minerals in which the leaching process is also used as part of the extraction process.

K+S Chile has a team with the expertise necessary to support customers who are interested in employing this technique that uses sodium chloride in mineral extraction.


  • Decrease in copper retrieval times.
  • Decreased use of sulfuric acid.