For Your Business - Textiles

K+S Chile supplies the textile industry with salt for a wide variety of purposes, such as textile dyeing and various raw material treatment processes. Our salt is so pure that it is ideal for use in water softening and water treatment, allowing for improved maintenance of production plants.

Processing specially selected, translucent crystals creates a product of high purity and very low levels of calcium and magnesium content, insoluble matter and other contaminants.

Key Benefits

  • Homogenization of color intensity.

  • Improved dye adhesion in the dyeing process.

  • Optimizes the use of dyes.

  • Prevents foaming.

  • Prevents possible wear on pumps.

  • Prevents obstruction and / or cementing in piping.

International Customers

  • K+S Peru (Distributor in Peru)

  • Romani (Brazil)