For Your Business - Food and Beverage

In recent years, the food industry has significantly grown and diversified. At the same time, consumers have become increasingly expressive about their needs and prefer more sophisticated, tasty, reliable, and healthy products.

Salt plays a fundamental role in the food industry, whether it be through quality preservation or by enhancing flavor, color, texture and body of all kinds of food. With these goals in mind, K+S Chile has developed different product lines, such as Regular Salt, Dry Salt, Refined Salt, Select Salt and Biosal ® as a way to address the diverse needs of the industry.

  • Meat: Production of sausage, casings and marinades.
  • Canned and Frozen Goods: Preparation of sauces, use in canning and in the production of frozen and canned seafood.
  • Dairy: Production of cheese, fresh cheeses, butter and margarine.
  • Baking: Preparation of fresh and packaged bread products.
  • Snacks: Production of potato chips, cookies and crackers, nuts, and extruded food products (soufflés)
  • Culinary Uses: Preparation of soups, cream soups, broth concentrates and seasonings.

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