Our Company

K+S Chile was born when the German K+S Group, one of the world's leading fertilizer, plant care and salt production conglomerates purchased Sociedad Punta de Lobos S.A. (SPL).

Consequently, K+S Chile took the lead in the North and South American salt industry.

K+S Chile operates one of the world's largest open pit sodium chloride deposits, the Great Tarapacá Salt Flat. This deposit, located 90 kilometers southeast of the city of Iquique, boasts outstanding, unique characteristics: its salt with high levels of purity, low bromine and heavy metal content, the absence of organic matter, its stability and controllability, and its proximity to the coast, particularly to the Patillos Port Maritime Terminals. The Great Tarapacá Salt Flat covers an area ​​45 kilometers long by 5 kilometers wide, ranging from 60 to 120 meters deep.

K+S Chile extracts and produces various types of salt, varying in levels of purity and grain size, all of which are certified and of outstanding quality. These salts are marketed for various uses in different industries, meeting each individual client’s diverse needs.   Alternatively, K+S Chile supplies the domestic demand in the retail market for home products of the highest quality table salt, based on tradition and trust.

Over 100 years of experience have permitted us to develop optimal industrial processes, positioning us among the world’s leading salt producers, with a potential output of up to 8 million tons annually.

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