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The industrial sector is as diverse as the applications of salt are. One of our most challenging tasks is to provide quality products which deliver the best results and optimize resources utilized by various companies in the industrial sector.

K+S Chile provides industry with a salt boasting high levels of purity and low levels of heavy metal content. These salts are marketed for distinct industrial uses based on their different grain sizes. Some of the most common uses of salt in industry are:

Water Treatment

Refined salt is recommended for water softening, fundamental in many industrial processes in order to reduce contaminant levels (hardness) in the water, particularly calcium and magnesium. These ions can clog up pipes in boilers and other equipment, causing them to function less efficiently.

Bottling, wine, textile, tanning and the chemical industries are the primary sectors that require soft water for in their production processes.

Tanning (Leather production and maintenance)

Regular salt is recommended in tanning processes. In Chile, tanning is an essential process of producing high-quality leather. Salt plays a major role in the main stage of the tanning process.
Ideal for salting fresh skins, furs and pickling for obtaining high-quality leather products, due to its low metal concentration. Additionally, inhibits the growth of microorganisms on leather products.

Production of detergents and cleaning products

The detergent and cleaning products industry uses sodium chloride (NaCl) solutions in many of its processes in order to achieve the best results. The evaluation of results in terms of efficiency and the effect on clothing or other objects is the primary concern. Refined salt is used as an emulsifier in the production of liquid detergents, soaps, shampoos and lotions, as well as in cleansers and other products.

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