For Your Business - De-icing

K+S Chile provides solutions for deicing roads and highways, both domestically and abroad. Our. Deicing Salt ® is the world’s most efficient and economical deicer and can be applied in bulk or in liquid form through Brine Solutions Dissolver Technology.

Deicing Salt ® complies with the technical specifications for highway deicing salts according to ASTM D-632-1. It is perfectly capable to be maintained in outdoor storage for long periods of time.

Principal Advantages

  • Roads more effectively cleared, even when exposed to very low temperatures
  • Development of an anti-icing plan
  • Environmentally friendly roadway and highway de-icing
  • Correct application results in less waste from spreading and scattering of product.
  • Lowers the freezing point.

Available packaging: Bulk and 20 or 50-kilogram industrial sacks.

International Customers

  • Boeing Marine (USA)
  • McTar (Canada)
  • esco (Germany)
  • ISCO-Morton (U.S. Distributor)