For Your Business - Chemicals

Sodium chloride is utilized for different processes in a wide array of different processes in the chemical industry. Many compounds that are used in the creation of chemical products contain sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl) ions, which, when combined with the other molecules, produce end products. Sodium is also used as a synthesis agent in certain organic chemistry processes.

Highly Pure Salts that meet the quality requirements of Hypochlorite, Chlorate and / or Chloralkali.

Principal Advantages

  • High degree of purity with concentration levels of over 99.8% NaCl.

  • Low levels of bromine and heavy metals.

  • Absence of organic matter.

  • Excellent performance in brine filtering.

  • Increased lifespan of ion exchange membranes.

  • Adequate calcium/magnesium ratio, especially in solution.

  • Insolubility of impurities such as Al, Fe and SiO2 in an aqueous medium, which are removed in brine filtering.

  • Stable, controlled chemical quality over time.

We have a wide range of salt products, with different chemical properties and grain sizes to meet the different needs of our customers.

International Customers

  • CMPC (Brazil)

  • Iquisa (México)

  • Kemira Finchem - Efice Chlor-Alkali (Uruguay)

  • Transclor (Argentina)

  • Fluoder (Paraguay)

  • OXY - EKA - CMPC (Chile)

  • Mitsui (Japan)

  • Xian Ning (China)

  • ISCO-Morton (U.S. Distributor)