Terrestrial Logistics

K+S Salt LA has a valuable group of people who carefully manage the land transport of its products, optimizing the use of its resources to meet the needs of all customers. Chile has a national distribution network comprised of five distribution centers located throughout the country, ensuring flexible, fast and tailored access to product supply that meets the needs of K+S customers.

National Distribution Network Coverage (Chile)

  • Shipping within 24 hours
  • Flexibility in handling orders from 1,200 kilos
  • High quality, attentive customer service
  • Exceptional availability of products in our distribution centers
  • Waste management of packaging products and waste disposal certificates available

Distribution Centers

Distribution Center - IQUIQUE
Caleta Patillos s / n
Km 60, Ruta A-1
Phone: (56-57) 2513206
Fax: (56-57) 2513209
Región de Tarapacá

Distribution Center - SAN ANTONIO
Angamos 1681
Tel-Fax: (56-35) 2353300
Región de Valparaíso

Distribution Center - TALCAHUANO
Colón 2005
Tel-Fax: (56-41) 2921093
Región del Bio - Bio

Distribution Center - SANTIAGO
Avda. del Parque No. 1307, Edificio No. 9, P
Parque Industrial Enea
Tel: (56-2) 24696092
Fax: (56-2) 24696093
Región Metropolitana

Distribution Center – PUERTO MONTT
Andina 060, Parque Industrial
Tel - Fax: (56-65) 2350296
Region De Los Lagos