Maritime Logistics

With its fleet and over 74 years of experience in shipping the affiliated company, Empremar, manages the maritime logistics needs that are a necessary part of transporting and distributing salt to all K+S Chile customers worldwide.

K+S Salt LA has a maritime department with extensive experience in the shipping industry that, with its own fleet of ships, takes care of the logistics necessary for shipping salt to K+S Chile customers, able to deliver the highest standards of quality, commitment and service to practically anywhere in the world.

Maritime shipping logistics are managed from either of the two terminals located at the Port of Patillos, 60 kilometers south of the city of Iquique, Chile, owned by the subsidiary, Servicios Portuarios Patillos S.A.

Managing the logistics of loading and shipping our product from our own port confers strategic logistics advantages to K+S Chile in the planning and implementation of trade agreements with our customers.