Nationally, K+S Chile is the undisputed market leader of table salt, keeping in mind the needs of the consumer and the different occasions where table salt is needed when designing its products: The Table Salt line, the Gourmet Salt line and the Light Salt line.


Lobos ® is the leading brand of table salt in Chile with a market share of more than 70%, in addition to being "top of mind" in this category. This has all been achieved thanks to the constant innovation that has carried the brand forward, an example of which can be seen in its line of convenient, practically designed saltshakers.

In 2012, our company launched the Lobos Gourmet Line ® in response to a global trend and our consumers’ need for gourmet products. This line was designed for preparing meals with a special touch.  The Lobos Gourmet Line ® boasts salt of varying grain size and different flavors.


Biosal ® is a leading brand in the category of low sodium salt, with a market share of over 85%. Today, backed by its focus on healthy lifestyle and wellness, Biosal has managed to dominate the market, being the most recommended light salt to reduce dietary sodium intake. Doctors also recommend Biosal for people who suffer from high blood pressure problems.