Quality of Life

The sustainable development of our business requires a harmonious balance between the goals of the company and the quality of life of our team.

We seek to create excellent opportunities and a work environment that allows for an appropriate balance between work and family life.

Work without encampments

Our company has chosen to eliminate work in encampments, providing workers with daily transportation from the workplace to their homes, thereby contributing to normal family life and a positive impact on employee quality of life.

Moving towards flextime

We are working on plans of work schedule flexibility, a labor hours bank, and flexible scheduling, with goal of creating useful tools that allow workers to balance their social and family interaction with their work life.

Preventive Medicine Campaigns

Campaigns oriented at the early detection of chronic diseases held in the workplace allow workers to learn about their health and obtain opportune treatment.

Annual Flu Vaccination Program


K+S Chile has developed a number of diverse recreational activities. We have 10 soccer teams that participate regularly in local tournaments.  Year after year, the best players are selected to form a team whose members participate in the World Cup Mundialito tournament held in Germany with our parent company, K+S.
Every year we celebrate Christmas with our children in some of the major entertainment centers of the country and also share in a yearly New Year's Eve celebration with our employees.

During Chilean Independence Day week, we have a number of activities that are especially prepared for this important Chilean holiday.