Our People

Learn more about working with us direct from the source: our employees. We share a few of their stories with you:

Ricardo Mardones , Production Operator, Puerto Montt Plant, 6 years with K+S Chile

"My experience working here has not been good ... it has been excellent. The management and supervisors are very concerned about everyone. It is very rewarding for me to see people who are younger than me in charge of the plant...people who have had the opportunity to educate themselves, that take care of our health, our families and treat us well. They are always diligent and attentive, making sure that we have what we enjoy for meals in the cafeteria and that we have the clothing and equipment we need for work."


Marino Tapia Nuñez, Maintenance Department Manager, Patillos Plant, Iquique, 24 years with K+S Chile

"I have been working here since 1989. I have witnessed the tremendous growth that the company has had, a great experience. All these years have provided me with professional development, but more importantly, family union, thanks to the job security and atmosphere of respect and mutual support among all of us who make up this great company. The company is continually making investments, which gives us security and projection as a company into the future.

Our leaders are determined and resolute, with great charisma.  They are successful at integrating and motivating staff to meet objectives."


Elba Rupcich, Sales Executive, Santiago, 13 years with K+S Chile

"I highlight this company’s competitive position in the market, the constant innovation and creativity in its products, the good working environment and its stability. I have worked in 3 different areas nationally, and to this day, I am surrounded by incredible people. I see that our leaders always have a clear direction and are concerned about the work environment. My only advice to any new employees is that you have trust and be committed…and know that this is a great company. "


Marco Muñoz Olguin, Machine Operator, San Antonio Plant, 14 years with K+S Chile

"I have always felt valued as a person and as a worker here in this company. I can express what I think without fear. I have been able to give my family better quality of life. I recognize the concern for our health, and we have an excellent supplemental health plan. As a group, we are united and our managers are super empathetic and accessible. To new employees, I would just say that their performance, commitment and responsibilities will always have them playing as a starter. "

foto ricardo mardones pto montt
foto marino tapia
foto Elba Rupcich